October 24-30, 2016 / Vol 35, No 43 / Hawai`i Island, USA

BIS Hosts 14th Reinventing Space Conference in London


The venerable British Interplanetary Society is organizing the 14th Reinventing Space (RISpace 2016) conference and exhibition on October 24-27 at the Royal Society in London. The goal is to advance one of the most dynamic, high growth sectors of the space industry, low cost access and utilization of space. A diverse program addresses new ways of doing business in space, interplanetary missions, reducing costs, tactical space systems and education. Keynote speakers include Chief Engineer of UK Space Agency Richard Crowther, Director of NASA Planetary Science Jim Green, Head of Innovation Management at Airbus DS Hélène Huby, Chairman and CEO of Arianespace Stéphane Israël, Chief Scientist at NASA Ellen Stofan, Founder of New Worlds Institute Rick Tumlinson and DG of European Space Agency Johann-Dietrich Wörner. There are at least 85 presentations scheduled over the primary days of the event, with an optional visit to Airbus DS in Stevenage on Oct 28. The venue at Carlton House Terrace is a Grade 1 listed building in St. James, part of a property in London once owned by George, Prince of Wales in the 18th Century. Now it houses scientists, engineers and explorers expanding 21st Century frontiers for all. (Image Credit: BIS, Royal Society, NASA, RISpace 2016)


star-grey Oct 24 — ISS, 330-435-km LEO: Expedition 49 six-member crew planning to transfer Orbital ATK AO-5 cargo to ISS, Ivanishin scheduled to hand Command to Kimbrough and return to Earth with Rubins & Onishi on Sunday; Canada to invest US$728,000 over five years for 2018 “Wayfinding” experiment to study changes in Astronauts’ brains.

star-grey Oct 24 — Tiangong-2, 393-km LEO: Two Taikonauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong working in Space Lab for next 3 weeks, will be longest Human space mission by CNSA; planning to perform ultrasounds to track bodily changes in microgravity, cultivate plants, rice, cress.

Oct 24 — Mars Odyssey, Mars Orbit: NASA spacecraft enters 16th year in orbit around Mars today, holds record for longest-surviving continually active spacecraft in orbit around a planet other than Earth; launched 2001.

Oct 24 — Juno, Jupiter Orbit: Engine valves being investigated after anomaly, craft not expected to perform engine burn / trajectory maneuver until Dec 11 during next near-Jupiter flyby during which all 9 instruments will be turned on to collect data.

circle-grey Oct 24 — Earth2Orbit, Bengaluru: NewSpace company ultimate goal is to see regular Human spaceflights, facilitating launch services for PSLV & GSLV via Antrix, selling value-added satellite imagery data, providing hardware via Firefly Aerospace; co-founded by Susmita Mohanty and Amaresh Kollipara.

circle-full-grey Oct 24 — Vector Space Systems, Tucson AZ: Partnering with York Space Systems to launch six satellite launches from 2019 through 2022; working with Garvey Spacecraft Corp to build 11-meter tall Wolverine rocket; hoping to eventually launch microsatellites for $2M total; smallsat market expected to increase 21% over next 5 years; founded by Jim Cantrell.

circle-full-grey Oct 24 — SpaceX, Hawthorne CA: Return to flight expected mid-November, Space Florida asking Florida Department of Transportation for $5M toward SpaceX improvements of Launch Complex 39A, Launch Complex 40 damaged during recent explosion.

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4th Asia Oceania Space Weather Workshop: The Risk of Space Weather – Regional Action


The 4th Asia Oceania Space Weather Alliance (AOSWA) Workshop is being held October 24-27 at Shineville Luxury Resort on Jeju Island, South Korea. Sponsored by AOSWA (est. 2010) and Korean Space Weather Center (est. 2011) of National Radio Research Agency, the Workshop is organized for countries to share plans to respond to space weather risks, promote international collaboration and exchanges, and discuss various observatories and models for predicting space weather, solar flares and geomagnetic storms. Four general sessions will cover R&D in Solar Physics, Ionosphere, Interplanetary Space and Magnetosphere. Featured speakers include Chair Yoo Daesun and Co-Chair Wi Gwansik (Korea), Mamoru Ishii (Japan), Zahra Bouya (Australia), Siqing Liu (China), Arun Kumar Upadhayaya (India), Sergey Smimov (Russia) and Le Truong Thanh (Vietnam). There is also participation from Mexico, Malaysia, Belgium, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, UK and USA. The southernmost province of S Korea, Jeju island is ~1,850 km2 with a population of 604,771 (Oct 2014), and contains the country’s highest mountain at 1,950 meters, shield volcano Hallasan. (Image Credit: AOSWA, NASA, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation)

Oct 24 — The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco CA: How to Make a Spaceship! (without NASA).

Oct 24 — Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Tucson AZ: Colloquium: Geophysics of Pluto and Charon; Francis Nimmo from University of California – Santa Cruz, 16:00.

Oct 24 — University of Arizona Department of Astronomy, Steward Observatory, Tucson AZ: Lecture: Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and “Interstellar”; Sam Gralla of UA Dept. of Physics, 19:30.

Oct 24-27 — British Interplanetary Society, UK Space Agency, Airbus Defence & Space, et al, London, United Kingdom: 14th Reinventing Space Conference (RIspace); at Royal Society.

Oct 24-27 — JPL, NASA/Caltech, Pasadena CA: 3rd International Workshop on Instrumentation for Planetary Missions.

Oct 24-27 — Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), Reed Exhibitions, Singapore: APEX EXPO and Aircraft Interiors Expo Asia (AIX Asia).

Oct 24-27 — Asia Oceania Space Weather Alliance, Korean Space Weather Center, Jeju, South Korea: 4th Asia Oceania Space Weather Alliance (AOSWA) Workshop.

Oct 24-28 — Canadian Space Agency, ESA, NASA, University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Conference: Exploring the Universe with JWST – II.

Oct 24-28 — African Association of Remote Sensing, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Makerere University, et al, Kampala, Uganda: 11th International Conference of the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE).

Oct 24 — Moon: 1.5° SSW of Regulus, 18:00.

Oct 24 — Comet 73P-BD/Schwassmann-Wachmann: At perihelion (1.001 AU).

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NET Q4 — Interorbital Systems Corp., Launch Neptune 5 (5 CPM) vehicle / 30 Nanosats, Mojave CA: Planning to launch Neptune 5 Common Propulsion Module (CPM) to loft 30 nanosats to LEO, including payloads for GLXP teams Team Synergy Moon, Part-Time Scientists, Plan B & EuroLuna.

Oct 15 – Sep 4, 2017 — Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA: Lunar Attraction Exhibit; featuring 60 Apollo memorabilia, paintings, sculptures, photographs, books, movies, jewelry that illustrate our profound connection to the Moon.

Oct 21-28 — National Meteorological Satellite Center (NMSC), Songdo City, Incheon, S Korea: 7th Asia-Oceania / 2nd AMS-Asia / 2nd KMA Meteorological Satellite Users’ Conference.


Oct 25-26 — Federal Aviation Administration, Washington DC: FAA COMSTAC Fall Meeting.

Oct 25-27 — American Astronautical Society, University of Alabama in Huntsville, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville National Space Club, Huntsville AL: 9th Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium; at University of Alabama – Huntsville campus.

Oct 25-27 — ESA, Space Technology Centre – University of Dundee, Yokohama, Japan: International SpaceWire Conference 2016.

Oct 25-28 — Geological Society of America, Denver CO: Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting.

Oct 25 — Venus: 3.1° N of Antares, 05:00.

Oct 25 — Amor Asteroid 2016 PY78: Near-Earth Flyby (0.083 AU).

Oct 25 — Aten Asteroid 2015 KA: Near-Earth Flyby (0.097 AU).


Oct 26 — STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) A & B, Heliocentric Orbit: NASA craft imaging Sun and solar phenomena enter 11th year in space today.

Oct 26-29 — American Society for Gravitational and Space Research, Cleveland OH: 32nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR).

Oct 26 — Amor Asteroid 2016 UH: Near-Earth Flyby (0.051 AU).

Oct 26 — Aten Asteroid 2016 TA57: Near-Earth Flyby (0.061 AU).

Oct 26 — Apollo Asteroid 2016 TV10: Near-Earth Flyby (0.070 AU).

Oct 26 — Amor Asteroid 2016 TJ56: Near-Earth Flyby (0.093 AU).


Oct 27 — Huntsville National Space Club, Boeing Company, Huntsville AL: 28th Annual Wernher von Braun Memorial Dinner; at US Space & Rocket Center.

Oct 27 — Cornell University, Ithaca NY: Lecture: Surface-atmosphere Connections on Titan; Jonathan Mitchell of UCLA, 16:00.

Oct 27-28 — Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Taipei, Taiwan: Workshop: Submillimeter Array (SMA) Science in the Next Decade.

Oct 27 — Mercury: At superior conjunction with Sun (1.430 AU from Earth), 06:00.

Oct 27 — Aten Asteroid 413260 (2003 TL4): Near-Earth Flyby (0.026 AU).

Oct 27 — Aten Asteroid 2012 UA34: Near-Earth Flyby (0.095 AU).


Oct 28 — Cornell University, Ithaca NY: The Pluto System as Revealed by New Horizons; Kelsi Singer of SwRI, 12:30.

Oct 28 — Moon: 1.4° NNE of Jupiter, 01:00.


Oct 29 — Cassini: Flyby of moon Titan (860,000-km altitude).

Oct 29 — Moon: 5.5° NNE of Spica, 03:00.

Oct 29 — Mars: At perihelion (distance 1.2363 AU from Sun), 03:00.

Oct 29 — Venus: 3.0° S of Saturn, 12:00.

Oct 29 — Aten Asteroid 2016 TZ19: Near-Earth Flyby (0.049 AU).


Oct 30 — Standard Time (Europe): Change clocks back 1 hour, from Summer Time to Standard Time.

Oct 30 – Nov 1 — Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Vietnam Institute of Physics, et al, Hanoi, Vietnam: Hanoi International Workshop: Gravitation and the Universe.

Oct 30 – Nov 4 — Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, South Korea: 7th KIAS Workshop on Cosmology and Structure Formation.

Oct 30 — Moon: New Moon, 07:38; 4.2° N of Mercury, 12:00.